one day at a time...

one day at a time...

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Feb 17

GOP opposes Violence Against Women Act because it also protects gay men, lesbians and immigrants


This is because of the new provisions added to the act. If passed, the act would legally protect everyone from domestic violence, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender. It also would protect undocumented immigrants who have been victims of domestic violence, who would otherwise be reluctant to come forward due to the fear of deportation, by increasing the number of visas by 5,000. (It was at 10,000.)

And yet every single Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted against reauthorization of VAWA, which has been in effect since 1994.

I’m not sure what the problem is here. I guess they really do only care about you if you are a white, Republican, Christian, old, straight male.


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Feb 08

reality has sharp teeth and bites hard


Jan 08

what dreams may tell

i miss you
your shadows haunt me in my dreams.
and they linger.
to see the image of us vanish.
and i know that it is dead.
decaying in the ashes of my memories
these fractured clouds crack the sky
and it’s over.
as we all turn to dust.

Dec 28

Resolutions 010112

the start of the new year signals a lot of things.. resolutions:


remove non-contributing elements of my life

shoulder responsibility for my actions, and their repercussions

learn to let go

learn to say no

learn to leave those who use or abuse me

learn to say good bye when it’s over

learn how to walk away and mean it

learn to move on when there’s nothing left

evict the head space squatters, and burn what they leave behind

accept people for who they are

be grateful for every second i spend with the people i love

sleep more

don’t give up

buy a motorcycle, and learn to ride the damn thing

make computer system smaller

lower the intensity

spend less time in front of the displays

take it easier on my car

spend less time driving my car

spend more time with my parents

learn the meaning of patience

learn to appreciate the moment

learn to take my time

learn to better utilize what time i have

read more

listen to what people have to say

be more open minded

stay positive

keep my place clean

minimize my impact

drink & smoke less

take better care of myself

Dec 15


decisions we make.
consequences we live with.
this wasn’t easy.

Dec 11


how I miss the sun.
to bask in its radiance.
cradled in its warmth.

Dec 07


___ just makes me smile.
everything is so _______.
the ___ I think about.

Dec 06


what good are these words.

meaningless sounds that echo.

their scars don’t go away.

Nov 29

don’t get up.. you’re not missing anything

special snow flakes fall.

too frail to withstand the day.

should have stayed in bed..

Nov 29

i wanna watch the sun come up.. with you

up before the sun. 
I watched the stars fall asleep. 
the earth kisses the sky.